Last month we finally got some fresh news on The First Descendant, with an open beta now dropping next week on Xbox ahead of the game's full free-to-play launch. And now, on the eve of said beta, Nexon has released almost 20 minutes of brand-new gameplay for us all to feast our eyes on.

And feast our eyes we shall! The First Descendant is looking really good, and its Unreal Engine 5 tech is definitely on full show in this new chunk of gameplay. The title may sport heavy shades of Outriders, Warframe and even Gears of War, but we're hoping it manages to carve out a unique slice of third person shooter action on Xbox.

If you'd like to take part in that open beta, you can register online now to make sure you can jump in on September 19th. This pre-launch test runs through September 25th on all platforms, so there's plenty of time to try it out!

Are you interested in this one? Let us know your thoughts on the gameplay down below.