Texas Chain Saw Massacre Patch Brings Big Changes To Xbox Game Pass Slasher

The team behind The Texas Chain Saw Massacre has just announced a brand-new patch for its Xbox Game Pass title - following a recent player milestone. This particular update contains quite a few balance changes, along with some general bug fixes for the asymmetric horror title.

We'll drop the full patch notes for this Texas Chain Saw Massacre update down below - which is set to go live today on Xbox and PC at roughly 11am PT / 2pm ET / 7pm BST.

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Patch Notes

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Hitchhiker Trap Exploit
    • Fixed an exploit where Hitchhiker players could use his trap to pass through walls and doors.

  • Fixed: Hitchhiker Trap Interaction Issues
    • We’ve resolved an issue where Victims would be unable to interact with gaps, crawl spaces, and other elements after stepping in a Hitchhiker Trap.

  • Fixed: Johnny and Sissy Lunge
    • Johnny and Sissy both had a lunge that was greater than other Family members.
    • We’ve adjusted this to be more in line with the rest of the Family members.
    • This should also correct the Johnny build we’re seeing used in public matches.

  • Fixed: Brightness Cheat
    • Fixed an issue that would allow PC users to adjust their in game brightness outside of accepted levels by editing game files.

Gameplay Changes

  • Changed: Hitchhiker Traps at Ladder Exits
    • We have adjusted the area at the top of a ladder where the Hitchhiker can place a trap.
    • This still allows for strategic play, but will give Victims an opportunity to counter the trap.

  • Changed: Fusebox Reset
    • The Family can now turn the fusebox off after a Victim turns it on.
    • There is a cooldown applied to the switch, similar to generators and car batteries.

  • Changed: Family Stun Immunity
    • Family now has a 10 second stun immunity period after an initial stun ends.
    • There is NO stun immunity after a Family member is stunned by a Victim bursting out of a hiding place.
    • If you attempt to stun a Family member who has immunity, you will not see the prompt for Leland’s ability or a back stab.
    • If you attempt to stun a Family member who has immunity with a door slam, it will have no effect.
    • Close Encounters all vary in duration due to the individual Family members having different stun recovery times, therefore the immunity period is different for each.

Balance Tweaks

  • Tuned: Tae Kwan Door Perk Levels Reduced
    • Level 1: 5 Seconds Stun Duration
    • Level 2: 6 Seconds Stun Duration
    • Level 3: 8 Seconds Stun Duration

  • Tuned: Agitator Perk Levels Reduced
    • Level 1: 1.5 Level Family Bond Reduction
    • Level 2: 2 Level Family Bond Reduction
    • Level 3: 2.5 Level Family Bond Reduction

  • Tuned: Stealth Performance in Minigames
    • We have adjusted the amount of noise generated in gathering minigames when at full Stealth.

  • Tuned: Leland Ability Stun Duration
    • We have adjusted the stun duration upgrades for Leland’s Life Saver ability.

Do these sound like good changes to you? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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