If you've been wanting a dedicated PvE option in Rare's pirate game Sea Of Thieves, then get ready for the arrival of Season Ten because it will be adding a new "Safer Seas" mode.

As explained by the game's creative director Mike Chapman in a new video update, this next season will be introducing a private server mode for players who aren't looking to get into scraps with other crews.

"An entirely new Sea of Thieves game mode, Safer Seas will let players sail either alone or with a chosen crew of friends within their own private game session! So if you’ve got Tall Tales to complete or fish to catch, or if you simply need to spend time finding your sea legs without interruption, Safer Seas has you covered."

However, there is a catch - including reduced rewards, and players also won't be able to explore "the full breadth of Sea of Thieves' offerings while sailing in Safer Seas". For Reputation and Gold Values, private server players will get just 30% of classic mode "High Seas" earnings. Trading Company progression will also be capped at level 40, you can't become a Pirate Legend and Athena's Fortune Trading Company is not available in this mode.

Rare says the more competitive features and advanced aims of the game will remain exclusive to the original experience such as Hourglass Faction Battles, the ability to captain your own ship, sail as part of a guild, sail as a trading company emissary and participate in live events like Gold & Glory.

You can see and hear what exactly Chapman had to say at the 7:30 mark in the video above. This Season will be launching on 19th October with this content to be implemented in December. The third and final instalment of The Legend of Monkey Island will also arrive on 28th September.

Sea of Thieves
Image: Rare

What are your thoughts about Sea of Thieves adding private servers? Will you be giving this mode a go? Comment below.

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