Starfield Players Are Causing Chaos Already, Like Blowing Up Entire Space Crews For No Reason

As most of you probably know at this stage, Starfield is officially live on Xbox and PC in early access form, and we're starting to see lots of impressions, gameplay footage and crazy clips hit the web. Starfield's main quest may well be the core focus for lots of players right now, but, that isn't stopping some folk from straying from the beaten path to cause sheer chaos amongst the stars.

After a little bit of browsing the trending section of Twitter, we've already come across some players who are making it their sole aim to be a pure menace in Starfield. Spoiler alert: it goes without saying that if you'd rather not see any gameplay footage right now, you might want to look away.

If you are keen to see what's happening out there in Starfield, below are just a few of the crazy clips we've spotted so far - including a couple of players who are making some seriously explosive introductions.

Oh, and there's this guy who's decided that the city of New Atlantis should be turned into one giant shooting range, regardless of the consequences:

It sure looks like Starfield is providing that usual Bethesda Game Studios sense of player freedom, and fans are already amusing themselves with what's possible in this massive RPG. We must admit, the explosive barrel technique looks like a great way of making enemies right from the off!

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What Starfield shenanigans are you getting up to? Let us know your style of play down below.