Starfield Has Given Xbox Series X|S Sales A Huge Boost In The UK

Some fresh data is coming out of the UK at the moment that suggests Starfield has had a huge impact on Xbox Series X|S sales already. According to, UK sales of Xbox Series X and S jumped up 73% in the week ending September 2nd - when Starfield was becoming available via early access.

This jump made that week the best-performing of the year so far for Xbox Series X|S sales, with the following week coming in at number two. For Xbox Series X specifically, these two weeks now slot into the top four for weekly sales since the console launched back in 2020. Starfield seems to have had a big impact already, then!

However, it's not just Bethesda's huge RPG that arrived in early September for Microsoft. The company also launched its all-new Carbon Black 1TB Xbox Series S system - and that seems to have landed pretty well too. It accounted for around 20% of all UK console sales in its launch week of September 2nd through September 9th.

Microsoft's plan of side-by-side launching Starfield and a new console model seems to have worked out well, with Xbox getting a nice UK sales boost in early September. It'll be interesting to see how the game, and this new Series S model, perform moving forward.

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