Sea Of Stars DLC Is Coming After Incredible Xbox Game Pass Reception

It's safe to say we were more than satisfied with Sea of Stars on Xbox Game Pass - we granted the game an 'Outstanding' 10/10 rating here at Pure Xbox. With how good the base game is, we're definitely up for some DLC here, and there's good news on that front thanks to a new developer update.

Post-launch content was originally detailed on the game's Kickstarter page before release, and now the team has provided an update on those plans (thanks, Nintendo Life). Basically, half of the team is working on Sea of Stars DLC, while the other half moves onto a brand new project.

Of course, said DLC likely won't be included in Xbox Game Pass, but given our enjoyment of the main game through Microsoft's subscription service, we'll be more than happy to throw the devs a bone in exchange for more Sea of Stars content.

Speaking of that enjoyment, again, we can't speak highly enough of Sea of Stars. We'll drop our full thoughts on this incredible Game Pass surprise down below.

Have you had chance to try out Sea of Stars yet? Let us know what you think to it in the comments section.

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