Talking Point: Will You Be Playing Through Starfield Again At 60FPS On Xbox Series X?

Well, Bethesda has delivered some fantastic news this week with the reveal of a huge update for Starfield - an update that will bring new high frame rate modes to the game on Xbox Series X amongst lots of other new features. So, will all of this be enough to tempt you into a second playthrough of Bethesda's 2023 RPG?

Here at Pure Xbox HQ we're torn on the idea of going back to Starfield just yet. While it's very tempting indeed, and we probably won't be able to resist a sneak peek at that 60FPS mode, replaying the whole game again is a massive undertaking - and it's one we're not sure if we're ready for right now.

Another thing at the back of our minds here is Bethesda's tease of Starfield's first land vehicle; coming to the game at some point in the future. This won't be a part of May's 60FPS-laden update — yesterday's look at the vehicle was a very early preview — but it could absolutely change the game for Starfield, which is tempting us to hold out even longer.

Truth be told, once May 15th rolls around and the big update arrives we'll probably give the game another go and just see where it takes us. That could be a cheeky performance look before waiting for more news on fresh Starfield transportation, or it could very well lead us on another massive adventure out amongst the stars.

Are you planning on jetting around the world of Starfield at 60FPS this month? Pick an option in the poll down below and let us know your thoughts!

Will You Be Playing Starfield Again After The May Update? (629 votes)

  1. Yep, I'm planning a full second playthrough after the May update!28%
  2. I'll check out the new features, but, I'm not sure about a full replay yet25%
  3. I'm going to wait for more news about land vehicles in Starfield11%
  4. I'm not sure yet, let's see if the hype tempts me!11%
  5. Nope, I've had my fill with Starfield and don't want to go back26%