Original God Of War Director Puts Starfield In Their 'Top 3 Games Of All Time' List
Image: GamesPress

Starfield may have only just arrived on Xbox Game Pass, but as you've probably seen, it's been playable for a number of days in early access. That's given eager-to-play folks plenty of time to try the game out already, and well, one industry figure from the PlayStation side of the coin has chimed in on their experience so far.

David Jaffe, the original Director of God of War and Twisted Metal, has incredibly high praise for Bethesda's new RPG. In fact, Jaffe says that Starfield is "easily one of my top 3 games of all time" and encourages anyone to try it out with a Game Pass subscription.

"I'm console agnostic, y'all KNOW that. A great game is a great game. I say this because if you love games as well and don't have an XBOX, you owe it to yourself to get Gamepass for a month and try out Starfield (even if just using cloud). It is easily one of my top 3 games of all time.

Now your millage will vary of course, BUT if in the past you've found yourself realizing your taste and mine is similar ENOUGH, don't let this childish console 'war' nonsense keep you away from this brilliant thing. If you love 1p action adventures, you owe it to yourself."

Of course, this is just one opinion among a sea of Starfield thoughts already out there, but it's safe to say Jaffe has seen and played loads of titles over the years so a top three nomination from him seems like very high praise indeed - especially given his PlayStation background.

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Giving this one a whirl through Xbox Game Pass seems like an absolute no-brainer anyway - just as Jaffe proclaims in the above tweet. You can simply try it with one month of Game Pass and see if you agree with these thoughts!

Is Starfield making its way up there in your estimations? Tell us in the comments section below.

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