It Sounds Like Capcom Is Considering Raising Its Game Prices

Game prices have been on the rise at most publishers this generation, and it sounds like another game maker is considering raising the cost of its titles too. According to a new report from Japanese outlet Nikkei (via VGC), Capcom president Haruhiro Tsujimoto spoke at the Tokyo Game Show about rising industry costs, and how he feels that "game prices are too low" right now.

Tsujimoto apparently compared the modern gaming landscape to how it was decades ago - where game prices were similar but development costs were much lower compared to nowadays. Here's some of that reported discussion:

"Development costs are around 100 times higher than they were in the days of the Famicom, but the price of software hasn’t risen so much.

There is also a need to raise wages in order to attract talented people. Given that wages are rising across the industry as a whole, I think the option of raising unit prices is a healthy form of business."

Capcom has yet to raise the price of its AAA offerings so far this generation, but these comments make it seem as though change is coming. In fact, during a recent interview with Bloomberg where the potential of an Xbox acquisition was discussed, Capcom also brought up "price sensitivity" and how it was thinking about costs with its future lineup.

For now, the company has nothing official to announce on raising prices, but it could be something to be aware of for upcoming titles. Given how well-received its games have been over the last five or six years, you couldn't really blame them for considering such a move.

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