Another month, another Phil Spencer Game Pass recommendation! Yep, the Xbox boss has once again been enjoying some of the service's latest and greatest, and he's just taken to Twitter to highlight one of the library's recent indie additions.

It seems that Phil is kicking off August by diving into Bramble: The Mountain King thanks to someone recommending it for him. So far, the title seems to be leaving a good impression on the Xbox boss:

We're not too surprised at his reaction so far to be honest. We took a look at Bramble when it first came to Xbox Game Pass in June, and we really dug its art style and generally creepy atmosphere. It surprised us a little bit, and we ended up scoring it a solid 7/10 in our full written review.

If you fancy trying out Bramble: The Mountain King for yourself, it remains included in an Xbox Game Pass subscription at the time of writing.

Are you gonna give this one a go thanks to Phil's recommendation? Let us know in the comments!