Xbox Social Post Featuring Final Fantasy 7 Remake Was An 'Error'
Image: Square Enix

Microsoft and Square Enix appear to have sorted things out after Phil Spencer recently took to the stage with the Final Fantasy developers to announce Final Fantasy 14 Online would be coming to Xbox platforms next year.

Xbox fans got even more excited recently when the company's Brazillian social media account shared a Father's Day message featuring Barret, one of the main characters from Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

It was quickly removed, and now in an update, it's been confirmed it was an error. Our friends at Eurogamer have shared an official response they received from Microsoft:

"The image was posted in error and removed as it included a title not available on Xbox".

So, there you go - FF7 Remake isn't coming to Xbox... at least not in the near future.

In terms of Final Fantasy 14 though, players can look forward to the Xbox version of that game featuring crossplay support, 4K support and fast loading times, while the expanded free trial will include access to 'A Realm Reborn' as well as 'Heavensward'. You can learn more in our previous coverage:

Do you think we'll one day see Final Fantasy 7 Remake on the Xbox? Looking forward to FF14 Online? Leave your comments below.