Xbox Game Pass's 'Somerville' Makes Leap To PlayStation Later This Month

Somerville was quite a highly-anticipated Xbox exclusive when it arrived on Game Pass late last year, after all, it came from some of the minds behind Playdead's Limbo and Inside. Well, as of August 31st, it'll no longer be an Xbox console exclusive.

Developer Jumpship has announced that Somerville is heading to PlayStation at the end of the month - although it doesn't look like it'll hit PS Plus in any form at launch. The sci-fi indie title is still in the Xbox Game Pass library at the time of writing, following its November 2022 launch on the platform.

Back when it launched on Game Pass, we felt a little underwhelmed by Somerville, all told. It just didn't live up to what we wanted to see from a team touting its Limbo / Inside history, and in the end, its "dull gameplay" got in the way of an intriguing story.

Still, as we mentioned, Somerville remains in the Game Pass library right now, so, if the news of its PlayStation arrival has reminded you to try it out, then, via Xbox Game Pass is always a solid option.

Did you end up playing Somerville? Let us know what you thought of it down below.