Xbox Fans React Poorly As Big 'Store' Button Replaces 'Browse My Games' In Latest Update

The new Xbox dashboard is continuing to roll out to all Xbox users right now, and in the meantime it seems to be getting some subtle updates as well. One of those updates has been spotted over the past 24 hours in the form of a "Browse The Store" button where the old "Browse My Games" button used to be, and it's not proving a popular change so far.

As you can see above, this button now takes you to the Microsoft Store instead of the "My Games & Apps" section, although the latter is still accessible along the small row at the top of the dashboard.

Here's what some Xbox fans have had to say in response to the change:

There are a few things worth pointing out in relation to this - firstly, not everyone is seeing the change yet, and some Xbox Insiders are also advising they've recently seen the Store button swapped with "Browse My Games" again.

In other words, as annoying as this change might be, there's a chance it won't be permanent. Team Xbox has consistently talked about the desire for feedback on this new dashboard, and the poor response to the big new "Store" button potentially means we won't have to deal with it for too long. We'll see what happens!

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