The Starfield ads will soon be hitting us thick and fast! As we speedily approach the game's launch, Samsung has begun advertising the RPG for its TV Gaming Hub already - where you'll use Xbox Cloud Gaming to play the game without the need for a console.

It's kind of wild that in 2023 you'll be able to play a game as huge as Starfield without the need for high-end hardware to power the experience, but, here we are! Starfield playable on just a TV? Madness!

Of course, despite the witchcraft that is cloud gaming, we're also very much looking forward to playing this one on Xbox Series X. We've waited a good while for an exclusive to come along and test our big powerful boxes, so bring on Starfield is all we can say!

If you didn't have access to a Xbox Series X|S or PC though, would you be tempted to try Starfield through the cloud? We like the direction Xbox is taking to bring even more people into its gaming ecosystem, and it's cool to see Samsung get the advertising ball rolling as we near the game's September Game Pass launch.

Playing Starfield on a Samsung telly? Or your glorious Xbox Series console? Tell us down below!