Xbox Game Pass Will See 'Changes' When Call Of Duty Arrives, Rumours Suggest

Last week we saw a fresh report from the Wall Street Journal on Microsoft bringing brand-new Call of Duty games to Xbox Game Pass, and some follow-up rumours have circulated over the weekend suggesting that the service will make "changes" in order for this to happen.

Well-known insiders Shinobi602 and eXtas1s have both commented on this in recent days. First off, in response to a suggestion on the Reset Era forum about potential new Game Pass tiers, Shinobi simply responded with "There will be changes, yes." but didn't elaborate further on their comment.

Then, not long after that, eXtas1s took to Twitter to discuss an "important update" on Microsoft's next move. Roughly translated, the insider claims that they "can assure you that changes are coming to the Xbox Game Pass Tiers mainly due to Call Of Duty", and that they "hope to report back soon" on these changes.

For now of course these are both rumours, with Microsoft yet to make any formal announcements on changes to Xbox Game Pass. Xbox President Sarah Bond did confirm that the team still plans to bring all of its games "across the whole slate" to the subscription service, but made no mention of Call of Duty or any potential price changes.

We're hoping to get clarification on this in and around the Xbox Games Showcase next month, where Microsoft will lift the lid on this year's Call of Duty game for the first time as owners of the franchise. For now, sit tight while we await the big show on June 9.

What do you think could happen here? Maybe a new Game Pass tier? Tell us what you think down below.