We actually can't believe it! Bethesda's huge open world RPG Starfield is just four weeks out from its early access launch - and base game players haven't got long to wait either. Yep, Starfield early access drops four weeks today on September 1st, before the broad Game Pass launch arrives on September 6th.

So... have you made a call on which version you'll be jumping into yet? Of course, the Sept. 6th release will be right on Game Pass, but, subscribers do have the option to upgrade without having to buy the full game!

The early access upgrade is quite tempting honestly, especially because it'll grant access to a mystery expansion to launch sometime in the future. Sure, we don't know anything about the 'Shattered Space' story add-on yet, but given Bethesda Game Studios' history with bumper expansions, we'd expect it to contain a hefty amount of spacefaring goodness.

Anyway, upgrades and editions aside, we want to gauge everyone's excitement for Starfield generally as we get very, very close to its arrival. We feel like we've been waiting for this one forever, so, to be able to say that a version of it is just four weeks away feels surreal at this point!

We're still super hyped to dive into BGS's latest and greatest, especially because it feels like such a momentous occasion for both Todd Howard & Co. and for Team Xbox. All aboard the Starfield hype train!

How excited are you for Starfield's launch next month? Grade your hype levels from 1-5 in the poll down below!

How Hyped Are You For Starfield? (588 votes)

  1. 5 - Mega hyped for all things Starfield!!50%
  2. 4 - Very excited to see what Bethesda has been cooking up!24%
  3. 3 - I'm looking forward to trying the game out15%
  4. 2 - I may give the game a go, but only really because it's on Game Pass!6%
  5. 1 - Meh, I'll see what everyone else thinks before trying it5%