Earlier today we brought the news that Stalker 2 has been delayed until Q1 2024, but that delay isn't stopping the game from coming along nicely. As part of another Gamescom 2023 drop, developer GSC Game World has just delivered a really authentic look at its upcoming Game Pass FPS.

We say authentic because this feels like the first time we've seen some proper first-person Stalker 2 gameplay in ages - with this trailer now painting a pretty good picture of what the game will actually play like.

Players will be able to deploy a whole range of different tactics in order to survive the game's depiction of nuclear fallout Chornobyl, as displayed in the above clip. It's all looking rather good, and we're now just a few months out from that early 2024 launch window!

If you want to read a little bit more about what to expect from Stalker 2 on Xbox Game Pass, a recent hands-on preview spoke glowingly about the game's world, as explored at Gamescom. Check that out down below:

Is this what you expected from Stalker 2 gameplay? Let us know in the comments section!