Following a somewhat surprising reveal last summer, SEGA has finally showcased a bit of gameplay from Hyenas - the team's upcoming shooter being developed by Alien: Isolation dev Creative Assembly.

The roughly-two-minute trailer is viewable up above, and the clip has a clear focus on character abilities and the unique combos each player will be able to bring to the battlefield. Remember, Hyenas is hopping on the new 'Extraction Shooter' trend too - so think Escape from Tarkov but Overwatch-flavoured.

The gameplay here looks solid enough, but to our eye, Hyenas is doing absolutely nothing to stand out amongst the jam-packed shooter crowd at the moment. Last summer, we said we got Bleeding Edge vibes from this one, and this trailer hasn't done much to suppress those feelings.

Having said that, we do hope that Hyenas manages to find an audience and does well enough for SEGA - we've had plenty of failed FPS launches in recent years and we'd rather not add another one to the pile. If you'd like to test out Hyenas for yourself to see if it might stick, a PC beta kicks off on August 31, and you can sign up now via Steam.

What do you make of this Hyenas trailer? Afraid it might suffer against the competition? Let us know.