So, after a fair bit of hype from IGN about Creative Assembly's next project, the Alien: Isolation dev has finally unveiled its new game and, well, it's not exactly what we were expecting. Hyenas is a new multiplayer shooter coming to Xbox in 2023, and it's also about stealing from rich folk, apparently!

Alongside the reveal, publisher SEGA dropped a cinematic trailer for Hyenas, although it doesn't show much about the game itself, all told. Stylistically it reminded us straight away of Bleeding Edge, which is probably not a favourable comparison to have right out of the gate.

Still, we'll reserve full judgement until the game drops; sometime next year. The team has outlined three core features for Hyenas, detailed here:

Fight In Zero-G

Take out rival teams in epic Zero-G battles. Become a master of Zero-G combat FTW!

Steal Epic Merch

Team up with your pack to steal priceless pop culture loot from the Mars billionaires and rival crews.

Escape To Win

Use unique skills and abilities to face-off in fast-paced battles in bid to secure your stolen merch, ESCAPE TO WIN, BABY!

Are you intrigued by Hyenas? Or a little disappointed by its reveal? Let us know down below.