The story of CrossfireX is a sad one. At one point, it seemed like the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S exclusive shooter was going to be a major hit on the platform, but a poor launch saw the game crowned the worst Xbox release of 2022 (according to Metacritic), and that was followed up by an apparently rapid loss of players following its release.

Some impressive updates weren't enough to salvage CrossfireX, and it was announced back in February that the game's servers would be closing on May 18th, 2023. That's the very last time you'll ever be able to play CrossfireX on an Xbox console, as the servers are required even if you want to experience the single-player campaigns.

Worse still, you can't actually play CrossfireX on Xbox anymore unless you bought one of the paid campaigns for the game prior to early February of this year, as all of its content has since been delisted. If you did buy one of them, now is the time to try and acquire as many achievements as possible before they disappear forever.

It's a real shame that things turned out the way they did for CrossfireX, especially considering there was so much work that was put into a game that barely lasted a year and can no longer be enjoyed in any form. Hopefully lessons will have been learned from this one, especially when it comes to always-online single-player content.

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What Did You Think Of CrossfireX? (432 votes)

  1. I actually really liked it! Sad to see it go...13%
  2. It was pretty good, I had some fun with it12%
  3. It was OK, nothing to shout about20%
  4. It was pretty poor, but not THAT bad9%
  5. It was terrible, sorry!45%