SEGA & PowerA Partner Up To Create New Sonic-Themed Xbox Controller

Third-party accessory maker PowerA has unveiled a new line of Sonic accessories, including a new Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S controller, alongside a carry case and controller for Nintendo Switch.

On the Xbox side of things, the company has partnered with SEGA on an officially licensed version of its 'Advantage' wired controller - which you can see pictured up above. Here are some of the standout features packed into this controller:

  • Advanced Gaming Buttons – Get an edge over the competition with two mappable buttons you can program on-the-fly, mid-game—no system settings to configure
  • 3-Way Trigger Locks – Set the travel distance of the triggers with three different positions to pull off quicker actions in your favorite FPS games or go full throttle in a high-end race car
  • Dual Rumble Motors – Take your gaming experience to the next level, providing tactile feedback and sensations that bring your virtual worlds to life
  • Immersive Impulse Triggers – Provides reactive rumble sensations using built-in motors so you can feel the action of the game.

PowerA says that the Xbox pad will hit store shelves tomorrow, August 8th, and it sounds like we could see more from this collaboration in the future, as the controller is only part of "the initial product-line".

Pricing info on this specific controller hasn't been disclosed, but other 'Advantage' pads go for $37.99 via the PowerA website, so we'd expect it to fall fairly close to that price.

Would you be interested in picking up this pad? Let us know how deep your Sonic fandom runs down below.

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