Microsoft Pulls Xbox Game Pass Trial Ahead Of Starfield Release

About three weeks ago Microsoft reintroduced its new, shorter Xbox Game Pass trial after pulling the $1 for a month offer back in March, but it seems that all of a sudden the company isn't feeling so generous. As we speedily approach Starfield's launch on the service, Xbox has decided to remove any sort of Game Pass trial option.

As spotted by Polish site, players can no longer try out 14 days of Xbox Game Pass for $1 / £1 - as was the company's offer earlier this month. For now, anyone wanting to play Starfield via the subscription service will have to fork out full price for at least a month.

While this is disappointing, and perhaps a little cheeky from Microsoft, we can't exactly say we're surprised by the move. A month of access to Starfield for $10.99 / £8.99 is a bargain in itself - never mind if players could access the game for $1.

Having said that, you'll probably need more than a month to see everything this game is promising to offer up anyway. Bethesda's Pete Hines recently said that he's played over 150 hours of Starfield so far, and there's still lots more to see even at that point. Not long to go until launch, folks!

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