Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2
Image: Xbox

If you've ever wanted to replace a thumb stick, faulty trigger, buttons or make a more major repair to one of your Xbox controllers, and happen to be located in North America, the good news is Microsoft is now selling controller parts on its official store.

This allows Xbox users to "extend the lifespan of out-of-warranty Xbox accessories with genuine Microsoft repair parts". The official "repair & replacement parts" page on Microsoft's website has reportedly been live for about a week now, with Microsoft's Brad Rossetti confirming the news via social media.

The store includes replacements for the top and bottom cases of controllers, the entire range of Xbox buttons, and even the ability to purchase the circuit boards for the controllers. Additionally, this also extends to parts for Xbox's Elite Wireless Controller Series 2. Prices for these parts range from $19.99 USD for a controller case to $59.99 USD for products like an Elite circuit board and motor assembly.

The external controller parts, like cases, can also be purchased in either white or black and each comes with a warranty ranging from 90 days to a year, and a full refund period of 60 days. Microsoft is also offering downloadable instructions and videos showing players how to repair their controllers.

It follows a story a few years ago about how Microsoft was considering offering Xbox owners the right to repair their own systems. Microsoft also recently began offering repair parts for its other products, like its Surface range.

There's no word about a rollout for this service in other regions (at least yet), but if we hear anything - we'll let you know. Would you make use of a program like this? Any thoughts about how it should evolve? Leave a comment below.

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