Microsoft Considering Offering Xbox Owners 'Right To Repair' Their Own Systems
Image: Xbox

Microsoft will investigate the possibility of allowing consumers - including Xbox owners - to repair their own hardware.

Grist reports the American tech giant has reached an agreement with the non-profit investor group 'As You Sow' - who asked the Xbox manufacturer to study the "environmental and social benefits" of repairing devices.

While it's legal to fix products you own, Microsoft does not make spare parts or repair documents publically accessible.

A study sharing a summary of Microsoft's findings will be posted by May 2022, and if the investigation can prove there are benefits of do-it-yourself repairs, Microsoft will make its new parts and documentation available beyond its "authorised repair network".

While it seems like a step in the right direction, it's also been highlighted how Microsoft is still a member of lobbying groups that oppose "right-to-repair" bills. One example is apparently the Entertainment Software Association.

Would you be interested in being able to repair your own console with official repair parts and documentation? Leave a comment down below.

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