Microsoft Makes Welcome QOL Change To Store Wishlists On Xbox

Xbox Store wishlisting has been a thing for a while - the feature allows users to compile a list of titles they want to keep track of to potentially purchase in the future. It's a neat feature, especially with how many games fill modern storefronts these days, but it's long suffered from an irritating issue that makes browsing wishlists more awkward than it should be. Well, thankfully, the issue has been fixed.

Prior to this latest change, if you accessed a game's store page via your wishlist and then backed out, your cursor would default right back to the first item on your wishlist. If you had lots of games on there, it could be a nightmare trying to look through it all when checking out store pages.

However, a new tweak means that the console heads back to the game you were checking out rather than the first on your list - making wishlist browsing a lot more intuitive. Here's a clip of the new fix in action:

If you only have a few select titles on your wishlist this whole thing could be seen as a bit of a non-issue, but if you're looking at having hundreds of games on there, it's a massive fix. It basically makes the feature worth using for those who want to keep track of lots of digital Xbox titles!

In other less fortunate news, Xbox has made more changes to the dashboard elsewhere - and some of them haven't gone down quite as well. Read all about one of the more controversial tweaks to the Home screen down below.

Do you put many games on your wishlist? Happy to see this small tweak? Let us know!