We're now just two months away from the release of Lords Of The Fallen on Xbox Series X and Series S, and following an Extended Gameplay Presentation that was revealed back in July, we're more excited than ever for its launch!

Ahead of that point, the team behind the game has been talking to a couple of outlets about what to expect, revealing details for the Xbox Series X|S version in the process. We already knew that Lords of the Fallen would achieve 60FPS on at least the Xbox Series X, but now we also know there will be two visual modes to choose from.

Here's a quote from executive producer Saul Gascon courtesy of an interview with Wccftech:

"The performance mode goes at 60 frames per second and 1080p resolution upscaled, which is kind of the standard in the industry. The quality mode is 2K upscaled at 30 FPS. But even if you play at 60, Lords of the Fallen looks really good."

Something that we're still in the dark about right now is how the Xbox Series S version will fare. Developer Hexworks has previously suggested that the game will run at "60FPS on Xbox Series X|S", but has yet to respond to fans on social media about the Series S version or provide any specific performance details. With the Series X version only achieving 60FPS at 1080p (upscaled), we think it's probably best to expect a 30FPS limit on Series S.

In a separate interview with MP1ST, it's also been revealed how long it'll take to beat the game! According to the team, you're looking at around 30 hours give or take, with multiple endings on offer alongside a New Game Plus mode as well.

Here's another excerpt of Gascon's comments about Lords Of The Fallen's game length:

"The single player experience for us, like we know whatever enemy spawns, we know everything about it, think around 25 hours. For a new player it’s gonna be somewhere around the 30 or more."

"30 plus more or less. Then you have different endings. Like you have three different endings depending on which factions you align with, so that’s one of the replay values. Plus the different classes, so you want to try different types of builds and etc. On top of this, is NG+. We have quite a few surprises waiting for players."

So, Lords of the Fallen definitely looks and sounds like it's shaping up well, and we're really excited to get stuck into it in October! The official release date is October 13th, 2023, and the game is now available to pre-order on the Xbox Store.

Will you be checking out Lords of the Fallen later this year? Tell us down in the comments below.

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