Lies Of P Preload Now Live Ahead Of Xbox Game Pass Launch

There's another major title heading to Xbox Game Pass next month, folks - it's not all about Starfield! Lies of P lies just beyond Bethesda's RPG; the upcoming Soulslike hits the Game Pass library on September 19th. And, if you want to be fully prepared for the game's arrival, Lies of P is now ready to preload on Xbox!

Yep, the full game has hit the Xbox servers and is now ready to install - clocking in at roughly 35GB on Xbox Series X.

We're definitely appreciative of a more modest file size here after the 100GB+ of SSD space that Starfield is now occupying - we're going to get this one installed and ready to go soon!

Lies of P seems to be coming along quite nicely, although we did have reservations about the game's combat coming out of a recent hands-on session with its free demo. More on our experience playing Lies of P is available down below, along with details on how to try the demo out for yourself!

Had you forgotten that Lies of P was so close? Let us know if you're installing this one ahead of its Game Pass launch!