Earlier this summer, Konami finally brought its Metal Gear Solid series back into the limelight with the announcement of multiple projects - and its upcoming 'Master Collection' brings MGS1 to Xbox for the very first time. Ahead of that team green debut, the developer has just unleashed almost 20 minutes of fresh gameplay from the first game in the series.

Now, we must stress that the above gameplay is from the Nintendo Switch version of the Metal Gear Solid Master Collection. However, given that these titles are very much 'ports' of the originals — in this case of a PS1 title — we'd expect the final results to look very similar on Xbox Series X|S. It certainly still looks like a game from the PS1 era!

Speaking of which, courtesy of our sister site Nintendo Life, we now know that a PS4 version of the collection is planned at some stage - but we've heard no confirmation of a potential Xbox One port yet. We'll bring news on that if we hear about it, but for now, Konami's upcoming collection is only landing on current-gen systems when it comes to Xbox.

Nintendo Life's contact with Konami also seems to suggest that the collection will run at 720p / 60FPS on Xbox. The current setup on Switch is 720p & 30FPS, and Konami says that the other console versions "will be targeting the same resolution (720p) and frame rate of the initial HD releases" - the initial HD releases ran at 60FPS on Xbox 360.

One neat bonus for Xbox players specifically is that you can simply pick up MGS1 on its own, to play alongside the existing Xbox 360 HD Collection that already contains the second and third games. Another Xbox backwards compatibility win there! Details on the MGS Master Collection release plan are available down below.

Are you going to play Metal Gear Solid 1 on Xbox this year? Let us know what you make of the new gameplay footage!