The team at Digital Foundry has taken a good look at EA's new Immortals of Aveum, and the results here are somewhat surprising, at least on a technical level. The overall sentiment is that the game has lots of new-gen cutting edge tech under the hood, but that tech doesn't always result in the best presentation on consoles.

The brand-new Xbox Series X|S shooter incorporates lots of new Unreal Engine 5 goodies such as Epic's 'Nanite' and 'Lumen' features, but the game really struggles to hit high resolutions as a result, especially as it runs at 60FPS on both consoles. Here's the pixel-count breakdown from DF's analysis:

"PS5 and Series X target 4K using AMD's FSR 2.1 temporal upscaling. The base resolution this is scaling from though is a much lower figure - at 1280x720 on each. Every shot tested so far comes in at 720p - on camera cuts in cinematics, or at the screen's edges in gameplay.

Even more notable is the state of Xbox Series S. Again this version targets 60fps - and resorts to FSR 2 scaling to get there. The base resolution here though comes in at around 768x436, resulting in a much blurrier image, and even more pixel breakup than the other two machines."

Yes, we're looking at well under full-HD figures for Immortals of Aveum, and although we definitely noticed something there during our hands-on time for review, we didn't expect the numbers to be this low! Still, AMD's upscaling tech is putting in work to bring the display resolution up.

Overall, the DF team is "fascinated" with the tech behind the game, but the outlet does feel there's work to be done in terms of the overall presentation on consoles.

"Overall, Immortals of Aveum is one of the most fascinating games I've reviewed in a while, even with its issues. Between the focus on current-gen development, its use of Unreal Engine 5.1 features - nanite and lumen - there's a genuine ambition to push for cutting edge tech. But yes, it's also clear Immortals has technical issues that need solving."

We played through the game recently on Xbox Series X, and although we're no tech experts by any stretch, we did enjoy our time with Immortals of Aveum. Check out our full written review down below.

Are you shocked by these resolution figures? Let us know what you make of Immortals of Aveum in the comments section.