EA Is Closing The Servers On Three More Xbox 360 Titles This Year

Back in March, we learned of another selection of EA Xbox 360-era titles that were set to close their online doors in 2023, and now a few more games have been added to the virtual chopping block.

Thanks to the company's 'Online Services Shutdown' list, we now know of three more titles set to shut down in the coming months. Here are those Xbox 360 titles, along with the exact date they'll no longer include any online features:

All three of these games are backwards compatible, so modern Xbox console players will also miss out on online access for each of them in the next few months. As far as we know, they'll all still be purchasable and playable in an offline state after these dates.

Crysis 3 has been remastered recently, but that version doesn't include any form of online play. We can't imagine the other two titles are very populated in 2023, but it's still a bummer to see these games shut up shop. Maybe after the success of Dead Space we could see a remake of the second game with online functionality? Only time will tell.

Did you play any of these Xbox 360 games online? Sad to see them close down? Tell us in the comments section!