Xbox Game Pass $1 Deal Reintroduced For New And Returning Subscribers

Only a few months after Microsoft "stopped" its Xbox Game Pass $1 trial offer, the promotion has returned! Yep, just as the company has slightly raised the price of Xbox Game Pass in most regions, it has reintroduced its £1 / $1 offer for both new and lapsed subscribers.

We were made aware of the offer returning by Polish site XGP, which spotted the promotion make its way back to the store this week. We've checked the Game Pass sign-up page in both the UK and US and can confirm that it has returned - including for users who've previously signed up and have let their subscription expire.

The offer itself is pretty simple; if you sign up to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate or PC Game Pass right now, you'll get your first month for £1 / $1, with subsequent months going back up to the standard price. The offer doesn't apply to standard console Game Pass, and you can check the new pricing tiers down below to see what the cost will be after this introductory offer.

It's unfortunate, if understandable, that Xbox Game Pass prices have finally gone up, but still, we're glad to see this promotion return for now. Microsoft hasn't said how long the offer will run for this time, but we'll be keeping our eye on how things unfold with Game Pass in the coming months following this week's "Console" and "Ultimate" price hike.

Will you or a friend be taking advantage of this returning promo? Let us know your future Game Pass plans down below!

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