Ravenlok Seems To Be Going Down Well On Xbox Game Pass As Dev Hits Player Milestone

Ravenlok launched on Xbox Game Pass last week, and the title has already reached a significant amount of players across all platforms. Developer Cococucumber has revealed that 250,000 players have tried out this colourful indie RPG already - a substantial number!

"We're thrilled to announce that in just a week since launch, Ravenlok has already gained over a quarter of a million players..."

"With yesterday's release of Patch 1, which adds localization support for French, Italian, German, Spanish, and Portuguese languages, we're grateful that even more fans will now be able to fully immerse themselves in the captivating world of Ravenlok."

The title's Xbox Game Pass launch will have no doubt helped the team reach such a huge player base in a little over a week, which is great to see. In general, the game seems to have gone down pretty well, with its launch coming somewhat under the radar in the wake of Redfall.

Around launch, we gathered a bunch of early critic opinions on Ravenlok into a handy roundup so Pure Xbox readers could get an idea of what they were in for with this title. It didn't completely blow the critics away, but generally the reviews have been solid and the game seems well worth a look on Xbox Game Pass!

Have you tried out Ravenlok on Xbox Game Pass? If so, what do you make of it? Let us know your thoughts.

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