Xbox 1TB Expansion Card Drops To Lowest Price Ever At Amazon (UK)

If you're in the market for an Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S Expansion Card, then you're in luck! The 1TB version of the Seagate Expansion Card has dropped to its lowest ever price in the UK - available for £139.00 right now.

You can get this deal at Amazon UK as well as Currys. In addition, the 1TB card has been at its lowest ever price at Amazon in the U.S. since May ($149.99).

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Something to keep in mind before you buy one of these is that Western Digital recently announced new 1TB Expansion Cards for Xbox at a standard price of £149.99 / $149.99, so the savings listed above are actually pretty minimal - in fact, the Seagate and Western Digital cards are exactly the same price in the U.S. right now!

You can also get the 512GB Western Digital cards for just $79.99 / £89.99. Here are more details:

If you're unaware, Xbox Expansion Cards provide you with ultra-fast external storage for your Xbox Series X and/or Xbox Series S. Aside from your console's internal drive, they're the only form of storage that allow you to run games specifically optimised for Xbox Series X and S.

Here's how Microsoft describes them:

"The Storage Expansion Card for Xbox Series X|S is an optional external solid-state drive (SSD) that adds 2 TB, 1 TB or 512 GB of lightning-fast storage to your Xbox Series X|S console. The Storage Expansion Card performs identically to the console's internal SSD. Not only can you play Optimised for Xbox Series X|S games on it, but thousands of titles across Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Original Xbox will show immediate improvements when installed to it (e.g. faster load times)."

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