Microsoft Shows Off Its New Xbox Series X Optimised Logo

Are you ready? Microsoft's Xbox Series X first-look gameplay event is taking place later today, and the company has confirmed that all games shown will be 'Xbox Series X Optimised'. It's even revealed a new badge for the occasion, and says we're going to be seeing it a lot.

Microsoft explained what 'Xbox Series X Optimised' means in an Xbox Wire post the other day, revealing that the term will be used to highlight games that are built to "take advantage of the powerful Xbox Series X features that make games look and feel incredible," such as 4K resolution at up to 120 frames per second, super fast load times and more.

Interestingly, we've already seen a part of this badge before. See that Xbox Series X logo in the middle? That's the one that was trademarked by Microsoft a few weeks ago, so it looks like it'll indeed be used as one of the primary logos for the system moving forward.

What do you think of the new badge? Share your thoughts in the comments.