The famous Halo machinima Red vs. Blue, which started out in 2003, has announced it will be airing its final season this fall.

Rooster Teeth's long-running web comedy sci-fi series started out life with Bungie's original 2001 game Halo: Combat Evolved and eventually moved to other Halo games and even Unreal Engine.

The final season "Restoration" will be the nineteenth one and is written by the show's creator Burnie Burns and directed by Matthew Hullum. It will also see the return of other original cast members. Here's a bit about what else you can expect from this last season of the series:

"RvB is back for its ​final​ season. Written by Burnie Burns and directed by Matt Hullum, Red vs. Blue​:​ Restoration completes a story told over 20 years. Watch the Prologue now and come back this fall when “Red vs​.​ Blue: Restoration” premieres."

The prologue to the final season is available now, you can watch it in the video above. You can also catch up on all the previous episodes and seasons via YouTube.

Will you be watching this final season? Did you watch earlier seasons? Leave your comments and memories below.