Red Dead Redemption Rumours Point Towards Upcoming Remaster

Last year was full of Red Dead Redemption rumours, including potential next-gen versions of both games in the series, before subsequent reports claimed that any such remasters were halted for Rockstar to focus on GTA 6. Well, the series is back in the limelight again, with rumours this time focusing squarely on the first game in the series.

Last month, the Korean ratings board posted about a new version of Red Dead Redemption from Take-Two Interactive; a version that Gematsu notes is separate to any existing ratings of the game for Xbox 360 and PS3. Since this post, neither Rockstar nor publisher Take-Two has announced anything relating to RDR, but the 2023 rating of course hints at something happening with the series.

Adding more fuel to the fire is Last Stand Media's Colin Moriarity. The former IGN journalist spoke about the existence of a Red Dead 1 remaster on a recent podcast - a podcast that is currently paywalled through Patreon. However, Eurogamer notes that Moriarity has had "confirmation that this is real" following the Korean ratings board post.

As we noted at the top, new versions of both RDR and its sequel Red Dead Redemption 2 have been rumoured for quite a while now, and we're not quite sure what shape this new version of Red Dead would take - if it's real. Are we talking a full remake, or a simple remaster? Are there concrete plans for current-gen RDR 2 as well? Hopefully time will tell, because it seems like these rumours have been going around for ages at this point!

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