Red Dead Remakes Xbox

Rockstar has been focusing on GTA a lot lately, with the recently remastered GTA Trilogy and of course, the next-gen port of GTA 5. However, it's looking like the company may now be pivoting back to the Red Dead Redemption series, with another pair of ports.

French journalist Chris Klippel, who happens to run the Rockstar Mag news site, has reported that since late 2020 they've known of Rockstar working on both a remake of the first Red Dead Redemption, and a next-gen port of RDR2. While such a collection briefly cropped up online in late 2020 before being shot down, the journalist says that these projects are still in the works.

Klippel also says that the next-gen version of Red Dead 2 was supposed to be announced much earlier, but once Rockstar decided to go ahead with a Red Dead Redemption remake, that pushed those plans back.

As usual, this is just a rumour at present, and Rockstar Games hasn't confirmed its work on either of these titles. However, the company is clearly willing to revisit old titles with new ports, as demonstrated by its recent work on bringing GTA to the new generation of consoles.

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