Red Dead 2 xbox series x

So, a couple of unwelcome reports have recently developed about Rockstar, even if the reported 360-era cancellations are supposedly serving the greater good (that being GTA 6 actually coming out before the worlds ends). Other reports say that the developer is shelving all planned re-releases before GTA 6, and a new rumour suggests Red Dead Redemption 2 on Xbox Series X|S is included in those cancellations. Argh!

Yep, despite multiple GTA 5 re-releases since the game launched in 2013, Rockstar is seemingly avoiding a next-gen version of RDR 2, for now. It appears to be included in the sacrificed-for-GTA-6 pile, along with remasters of Red Dead Redemption and GTA 4.

Thankfully, Red Dead 2 does look phenomenal to this day, especially its Xbox One X version running at a 4K resolution, including on Series X. Still, 60FPS would be really nice, and the rest of the game would need hardly any attention at all!

However, it all seems pretty unlikely unless Rockstar can find a way to sell the game again. The developer recently announced that it's winding down support for Red Dead Online, once again, to focus on Grand Theft Auto 6.

Does RDR 2 need a next-gen port? What do you think? Leave your thoughts down below.