Of all the games you'd expect to consistently be featuring in the "Top Paid" Xbox Charts, Police Simulator: Patrol Officers probably isn't one of them. However, since it launched back in late 2022, it's pretty much always been there.

Police Sim has undoubtedly proved a success on the platform, and we've been having a generally good time with it over the past few months, even though it's certainly not the most polished Xbox game out there.

Here's a look at our "hands-on" if you're interested:

Today's update for Police Simulator: Patrol Officers ("Update 10") is a huge one, introducing a new Police Garage where you can organise your trunk and repair your cars, and the team has also "completely overhauled all the patrol vehicles and improved controls across the board" which impacts steering, braking and more.

In addition, there's a new $2.99 DLC where you can add a tiny Compact Police Vehicle to your game! You can watch the trailer for that at the bottom of the article.

All in all, this sounds like a good update, and we're happy to see developer Astragon putting effort into improving the game over six months since launch. It'll probably continue to appear in the Xbox Charts throughout the rest of 2023!

Here's the full list of patch notes for Police Simulator: Patrol Officers Update 10:

New Features

  • Added a garage that is available at every precinct
  • Added option to repair your patrol cars near and inside the garage
  • Added option to customize the trunk of a patrol car within the garage
  • Added option to customize the parking lot of the precincts within the garage
  • Introducing the new Compact Police Vehicle (CPV), now available as an optional DLC

Car Balancing

  • Overhauled physics of all patrol cars to improve steering, braking, controls, and more

Crash Fixes

  • Fixed a crash that occurred when walking around in the holding cells with an arrestee
  • Fixed a crash that occurred after loading a save game
  • Fixed a crash that occurred after attempting to stop an NPV at a traffic stop

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed getting unjustified CP loss for searching fled NPC cars
  • Corrected detainment reason for suspicious driving behavior


  • Fixed a connection loss that happened when entering a patrol car

Patrol Car / Traffic Car

  • Fixed some issues connected to license plates and mirrors
  • Fixed a bug that occurred when driving between two NPVs, causing them to either despawn or visually change
  • Adjusted NPVs to switch the lane before a traffic stop to ensure no traffic jams happen in front of them
  • Adjusted some NPVs models as weird graphical issues happened when they were far away

Game World

  • Widened the prison doors so it’s no longer possible to get stuck in them anymore (thanks, ItsKapselPL)
  • Fixed that the Bannock precinct has too many parking spots
  • Slightly moved a parking spot at Callahan
  • Fixed an odd-looking black box in the Chester precinct
  • Fixed a bug causing world borders to behave weirdly


  • Fixed an issue causing the left stick to not have any effect anymore after changing a keybinding or reverting the keybinding changes


  • Removed car mirror resolution settings entry
  • Fixed an issue that caused the 'Give back ID' option to stay on screen with no purpose
  • Fixed an issue that caused the insurance ID to get stuck on screen

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