This time last week, we reported on a game called Police Simulator: Patrol Officers which had become one of the "Top Paid Games" in both the UK and US, and even with the Xbox Black Friday 2022 sale in full swing this week, Police Sim continues to sit near the top of the charts - it's off to a fantastic start since its release on November 10th.

So, we were curious. We've put just under five hours into Police Simulator: Patrol Officers so far on Xbox Series X, which means these are just some early impressions as opposed to a full review (there's still plenty more for us to unlock), but based on what we've played in the first few hours, we're having a pretty fun time with it so far! That said, there are definitely some caveats you need to be aware of.

Before we go any further, you should keep in mind that this isn't really a GTA-like experience where you can pretty much do whatever you like - it takes the simulation aspect seriously, so the whole point is to follow the rules in order to earn experience points and unlock new features over time. You start off as a rookie police officer, tasked with performing duties such as issuing parking tickets and using your radar gun to scan for speeding drivers, and this eventually extends to more involved tasks including getting involved in minor and major accidents.

In the case of a car crash, for example, you'll need to interview the witnesses and the driver, check for things like expired ID cards and whether anyone has been driving under the influence, search the vehicles for illegal items and take photos of the scene, and then potentially even need to chase after a fleeing criminal when they realise they're about to be arrested. It's relatively basic but satisfying stuff, and things definitely get more interesting when you start unlocking more of these potential crime scenes and getting access to your cop car.

As for the open world itself, we've only tried the first of the three districts (known as "Melting Pot"), and it's fairly well designed, if a bit uninspired. The district is relatively large, split into various sections, and you can choose to patrol one section per-shift. Shifts last as long as you want them to — anywhere from around 20 minutes to an hour and a half — and some are them are based on foot patrols, while others are focused on cruising around in your patrol car.

The main problem Police Simulator: Patrol Officers has on Xbox right now is that it's rough around the edges, and we're being pretty kind when we say that. You'll see bugs everywhere, from cars randomly stuck in buildings, to interviewees standing on top of their vehicles for no reason, to ambulances sitting stationary in the street and watching someone writhe in pain instead of actually helping them. The saving grace is that these are pretty funny bugs for the most part, and we've only encountered one that was actually game-breaking so far.

But yeah, that's the kind of game we're dealing with here. It's ambitious and undoubtedly fun, but it's also rough and feels unfinished. The graphics aren't bad (although there's plenty of pop-in), but the character models look downright creepy at times, and they're constantly repeated throughout the game. That person you just arrested for being drunk? You might see the exact same character model walking down the street and saying "hello" to you five minutes later. It can be funny for sure, but it certainly takes away from any kind of immersion.

If it sounds like we're ragging on Police Simulator: Patrol Officers though, we do want to make it clear that we're having a good time with it so far. Like many other enjoyable simulation games on the market, it has that addictive quality where you just want to complete one more shift - or even just issue one more parking ticket! Plus, the online co-op feature is a pretty cool addition, especially considering there's matchmaking support as well.

If you love the idea of this game, we think it'll probably be worth your while, as long as you're willing to deal with the bugs and general silliness on display. If you can't understand why anyone would enjoy spending 25 minutes performing tasks that can be as menial as giving out parking tickets and stopping people for littering, however, it's likely not for you. For us at Pure Xbox, despite the evident issues, it's still a cautious thumbs up from us. We're having fun!

Have you bought Police Simulator: Patrol Officers? Tell us what you think of it down below.