New Xbox Feature Will Allow You To Report Offensive Voice Chats In Multiplayer Games 2

Xbox has revealed today that it's implementing a new reporting feature which will allow players to report inappropriate voice chats in multiplayer games - and it's rolling out this week to Alpha and Alpha Skip-Ahead Xbox Insiders.

The way it works is that you'll be able to record the previous 60 seconds of footage at any time, which will include voice capture. This can then be submitted in a report for up to 24 hours until the clip disappears.

"While this feature works similarly to how you’d capture a game video, any captured clips using the voice moderation feature are only for content moderation purposes – they will not appear in your recent captures and clips cannot be downloaded, modified, or shared."

"Only you have access to the clip until you submit it with your report – Xbox is not saving or uploading any voice clips without you, the player, choosing to start the reporting process."

At the moment, the feature will only be available to those aformentioned Xbox Insiders in the US, Canada, Great Britain, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand, although there are plans to expand to more languages / regions in the future.

Here's a bit more information about what to expect, courtesy of the Xbox team:

"When we looked at the next important step in our safety innovation, our team targeted in-game chat because it is often the place where players have the highest opportunity to interact with players outside of their friend network. Making the feature available across Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One ensures that players have this feature available to them in any multiplayer in-game chat."

"We want players to feel comfortable jumping into any multiplayer chat feeling supported and welcome – and if they experience or witness inappropriate conduct, they can take action. We also ensured that players and their data are protected and secure in accordance with our Microsoft Privacy Statement."

For more details about Xbox voice chat reporting, you can head over to the Xbox Wire website.

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