Xbox Creator Shares His Disgust As Sexist Xbox Live Recording Goes Viral

Xbox co-creator Seamus Blackley drummed up a lot of attention on Twitter last night in response to a viral Xbox Live recording from Twitch streamer Grenade Queen, who filmed herself getting sexist comments in a Halo Infinite multiplayer game.

The video (which you can see below, but be warned that it features plenty of salty language) features two players telling Grenade Queen to leave the game — presumably because her skills aren't as good as theirs — making various sexist remarks in the process including a mention that "Master Chief was never a woman".

In response, Seamus Blackley had the following to say:

Blackley went on to point out that he's aware instances like this are "nothing new" for Xbox Live, but the fact that "nothing has been done for a long time" motivates him even more, and he wants Microsoft to openly address it:

"First we need Xbox and Microsoft to openly talk about it and address it as a problem. It limits the audience and impacts their profits. It’s morally wrong. And it’s something they can show leadership on by working in good faith."

"A lot of people will be angry to see what they think is always too little too late. But we need to call it out and not be fatigued. There are solutions if we shine light on it and work together."

You can check out all of Seamus's thoughts on this topic (there are many of them) over on Twitter.