Halo Infinite Adds Two More Classic Maps To 'Squad Battle' Playlist

343 Industries has expanded on Halo Infinite's recently-added nostalgia-fuelled playlist by adding two more classic maps to its rotation. 'Squad Battle' was launched as a new matchmaking option two weeks ago — an 8v8 mode taking place on remade Halo 3 maps — and now Halo 2 and Halo 4 have joined the fray.

'Waterworks' from Halo 2 and 'Exile' from Halo 4 are now playable in Squad Battle, slotting in alongside the existing three maps that launched with the playlist earlier this month.

Just like those three maps, the two new additions are also community-made - powered by Halo Infinite's flexible Forge toolset. It's pretty impressive how the fans manage to remake the classics this accurately, so much so that 343 deems them fit for official playlists!

Anyway, for now the Squad Battle mode seems to be sticking around, although it may at some point be rotated out for another playlist. If you're keen to give these remade classics a go in 8v8, it's probably worth trying the mode while it's live in Halo Infinite.

Have you tried out Squad Battle yet? Drop your favourite map from the playlist down in the comments below!