Halo Infinite Adds 8v8 'Squad Battle' Mode On Remade Halo 3 Maps
Image: Vallaheim, Halo Infinite

Halo developer 343 Industries has unveiled its latest rotational multiplayer playlist for Halo Infinite, and it seems to be going down very well so far. The new matchmaking mode, Squad Battle, is an 8v8 playlist featuring Slayer and objective game types on community-made maps, and it's a huge throwback to classic Halo in more ways than one.

First off, the 8v8 player count is how Big Team Battle used to play out prior to its increase to 12v12 in Infinite, and perhaps even more significantly, Squad Battle is currently being rolled out on three classic map remakes.

The maps featured within Squad Battle are Kusini Bay (Halo 2 Zanzibar / Halo 3 Last Resort), Vallaheim (Halo 3 Valhalla) and Rat's Nest - a map that also featured as Halo 3 DLC under the same name.

For now, 343 Industries says that this is a rotational mode and will be swapped out for another when the time comes. However, replies to the team's announcement of the playlist on Twitter have been hugely positive, with many fans hoping the team keeps this as a permanent Halo Infinite game mode.

Squad Battle is now live in Halo Infinite, and we're intrigued to see if the mode stays permanent with enough fan outcry in the coming days.

Are you gonna give this mode a go? Let us know if you're jumping into Squad Battle this week!