Gory Game Pass Adventure 'Scorn' Hits 2 Million Players As An Xbox Console Exclusive

Scorn was one of last year's most anticipated Xbox Game Pass releases, especially in lieu of any major AAA Xbox exclusives in 2022. As a result, Ebb Software's disgustingly dour adventure seems to have reached a pretty big audience on Xbox and PC platforms.

Yep, just after the dev team revealed that the Xbox timed exclusive will be making its way to PS5 later this year, we have a player number update. Scorn has been played by two million gamers across Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PC so far.

Game Pass will of course be a huge help in pushing these numbers up, but this is still an impressive feat, especially considering Scorn skipped Xbox One in favour of a current-gen-only launch.

At the time of its Xbox Game Pass release we reviewed Scorn; mostly enjoying our time with Ebb's eerie adventure late last year. If you never got around to this one and are still interested in it, you can check out our thoughts on the title in Pure Xbox's full written review down below.

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