Blizzard Games Announced For Steam Ahead Of Xbox Acquisition
Image: Blizzard

Xbox head Phil Spencer has already mentioned how Microsoft's acquisition of Activision Blizzard would make select games available to more players around the globe, and now in an industry update, Blizzard has announced it will be bringing its own games to Valve's Steam service for the first time ever.

The first game it plans to add to the Steam library on August 10th is its more recent free-to-play release, Overwatch 2. It's all very interesting timing - with some other news about Overwatch 2 revealing the game's official franchised league isn't in the best state right now, with participating teams to receive large sums of money if the competition folds.

Blizzard's president Mike Ybarra also insisted this announcement had nothing to do with "other factors" or possible partner decisions. Here's exactly what he had to say via social media:

"This was been a long discussion within Blizzard for some time based on player input. There are no other factors or partners influencing this."

While Steam's platform should certainly help bolster Overwatch 2's player numbers, some fans have raised concerns about the future lifespan of the hero-themed FPS, although the company's president says this is a direct response to player requests.

"We've heard from players that they like games on Steam and have asked us to do the same. Players will always guide our way. We’re excited to be bringing Overwatch 2 to Steam..."

Activision games are already available on Steam, as are Microsoft's Xbox titles, so Blizzard joining would make sense. Of course, players will seemingly still require login details to play games, but they'll run directly through the Steam launcher.

The latest development in the Activision Blizzard takeover is that Xbox has extended the deadline to October. Catch up in our previous post:

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