Battlefield 2042 has been a work-in-progress for much of its lifecycle so far, with developer DICE working to address various community concerns since launch in late 2021. When the shooter finally hit Game Pass last fall it was in better shape than the year prior, but there was still work to do. Well, the core of that work is coming to a close.

As part of the game's 5.2 update which hits Xbox next week, DICE has announced that the final Battlefield 2042 map redesign is now complete. Hourglass, one of the game's launch maps, has been fully reworked as part of a seasons-long campaign to improve every single base game multiplayer map. Here's what you can expect to see:

"We have reduced the overall size of Hourglass to keep combat focused, while having more opportunity to defend yourself through added cover along the primary routes where you’ll find the action. You’ll also notice remnants of combat that has taken place over time and throughout the map alongside increased military presence and new fortified positions."

Elsewhere in this upcoming patch, the team is enabling attachments for Battlefield Portal vault weapons across the SMG, LMG and Sidearm categories - giving players more viable weapon options from past Battlefield titles.

We're not 100% sure where the future of BF2042 lies at this stage, but we do know that at least one more season of content is coming. The development team confirmed as such when Season 5 first arrived in early June.

Have you been enjoying Battlefield 2042 since its arrival on Xbox Game Pass? Let us know if you're checking out the final map rework!