Talking Point: How Are You Finding Battlefield 2042 On Xbox Game Pass?

Battlefield 2042 finally arrived on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate this week, a year since it first launched back in 2021. Even at release, we enjoyed it a fair bit despite its shortcomings, yet we were eager to see how the game was going to progress throughout 2022.

While the underpinnings of the game remain similar, it's safe to say DICE has made quite a few additions and changes over the last year, as we've highlighted in our updated review. Some of the post-launch maps are much improved over the base game offerings, and as expected, a number of bugs and glitches have been ironed out.

As the game is now free for EA Play and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members, we want to know how you have been getting on with the game so far. Whether you're a long-time Battlefield fan that skipped 2042 at launch, or you've never played a Battlefield game before, are you impressed?

We've been back online, and to be honest, a lot of our time has been spent soaking up more of Battlefield Portal. All of BF 2042's post-launch content is now available within the custom game playground, and we've been having quite a lot of fun mixing and matching it all with some Battlefield maps and modes of old. Seriously, Portal is still one of the game's true highlights!

What Score Would You Give Battlefield 2042 So Far?

How have you been finding Battlefield 2042 on Game Pass Ultimate? Let us know down below.