Xbox Still Hesitant To Develop VR Games Until There's A Bigger Audience

Over the past few years, members of Team Xbox have continually batted away suggestions that Xbox might be interested in getting into VR, and that's basically what's happened again courtesy of Matt Booty in a new interview.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, the Xbox Game Studios boss was questioned whether Xbox was interested in developing for VR and/or AR, and Booty simply explained that the audience isn't really there right now.

"I think for us, it’s just a bit of wait until there’s an audience there. We’re very fortunate that we have got these big IPs that have turned into ongoing franchises with big communities."

"We have 10 games that have achieved over 10 million players life-to-date, which is a pretty big accomplishment, but that’s the kind of scale that we need to see success for the game and it’s just, it’s not quite there yet with AR, VR."

Booty's comments here come as no surprise, especially considering the 10 million number that he quoted — the chances of Xbox achieving such a figure with a virtual reality title are slim-to-none right now, so it makes sense to wait.

Of course, Xbox has dabbled with VR in terms of bringing flatscreen support to the Meta Quest 2 and also hosting a bunch of VR-supported titles on PC Game Pass, but we don't expect to see anything too crazy for many years to come.

What are your thoughts about Xbox and VR? Would you like to see it? Tell us down below.

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