Xbox Exec Refuses To Temper Expectations For 2023 Showcase, Asks Fans To Be 'Open Minded'

Whenever Xbox is getting ready to host a major event of some kind, it's normally around this time that Aaron Greenberg, the VP of Xbox Games Marketing, tells fans to keep their expectations in check ahead of the show.

That's not happening this time around, as Greenberg responded to a suggestion about this last night by telling a fan that he has "no plans to tease, temper, or spoil anything". That said, he mentioned that he'd like fans to remain "open minded" and ultimately "enjoy the ride" during the Xbox Games Showcase 2023 taking place this Sunday.

Greenberg was very active on Twitter yesterday, revealing that Xbox Game Studios won't be showing any "full CG trailers" during the event, it'll feature no movie or TV trailers either, and it won't just be restricted to games coming out in the next twelve months.

We've seen a lot of "wild expectations" floating around the Pure Xbox community (we included a few in our recent predictions list), so even if Greenberg isn't saying it, we think it's definitely worth keeping expectations in check ahead of this Sunday. We're hoping for a great event, but don't go expecting a shadow drop of Starfield or anything!

Ahead of time, what grade do you think you'll be giving the Showcase this Sunday? Tell us down below.